Latest evaluations of telephone numbers

0894672321Neutrall think thisbprik isba hacker
+61415586029NeutralPhone Scam
0423480209UnsafeHarrasement and false allegations..spam
+61409492743NuisanceThis person keeps calling me on FaceTime and it's been doing it for the…
01800874933UnsafeThis number is a nuisance and they try to manipulate me with receiving…
0409690850UnsafeColin Oxlade, I am a deceiver
0414652418NeutralWish it was real
01312989600Nuisanceclaimed to have legal info about my accident...rang even tho phone is…
0730356428NuisanceWhy are they calling me?
0893888463NuisanceWhen I answered I was on hold listening to music. Didn't wait to see if…
0361080800NuisanceUnsolicited survey company ERMS. Calls numbers on the Do Not Call…
+61434375846NuisanceCalls then hangs up
0478727135NuisanceDespite having informed them that my mobile is provided by my employer…
0283107633NeutralNuisance call from this number. We are in Wellington, New Zealand.
0390810771NuisanceCall centre for various charities.